2 february 2010

Getting ready for 2010
Itís been a while since I have written anything online so I am glad to write my first, but definitely not last, blog on my new team's website! In 2010 I will ride in the Bikefreak Magazine jersey together with friend and team mate Juul van Loon. The last years, Juul and I have been racing and travelling through Europe so I am glad weíre officially team mates now. Last year we raced (and won) the Taunustrails team race and this year weíll form a team during the Transalp stage race and the 24 hours race of the Nurburgring. Needless to say, I am really excited and looking forward to these races!

This winter I am following a slightly different approach than usual. First of all, I started riding my bike relatively late (first of December) and I completed my training rides on a single speed bike. Second, I have included some running in my training schedule as well. I have chosen for single speed bike this winter for two reasons: curiosity and laziness.

Curiosity because I was curious whether it would be possible to ride my precious trails with just one gear. I was wondering whether it would be possible to ride fast on flat fire roads (with an extremely high cadence) and to do some serious climbing (low cadence, high force).

Laziness, because when I am cold and tired after a cold winter ride I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning my bike. Less parts means less parts that can break down or wear out. Therefore, a single speed bike is also a very budget consciousness choice during the winter!

Also, my single speed is pretty unique as itís a Trek 69er: 29“front wheel, 26“rear wheel. The designer of this bike, Trek designer and racer Travis Brown, claims this bike will give you the best of both worlds! As I already have troubles resisting TellSell commercials, it may come as no surprise that, after such a convincing claim, I had no other choice than buying a 69er..

180mm Truvativ cranks with a 32 teeth Q-ring on my single speed

29“front wheel, 26“ rear wheel= 69er!

At the end of 2009 I took one week off and celebrated New Year together with my sister and her friends in Malmo (Sweden). I left Holland on the 28th of December and returned on the 4th of January after a week of muchos fun in Sweden. On the 7th of January it was time for some serious suffering (amazing alliteration). Not on the bike, but in the chair of a surgeon as all my (3) wisdom teeth were surgically removed.

(Noot van de redactie: hier had Tibor een foto van de buit van zijn tandarts in gedachte. Om meelezende kinderen en mensen met een zwakke maag niet van deze site weg te jagen, hebben die de definitieve versie niet gehaald)

My left cheek exploded causing a serious increase in air resistance

All though my cheek doubled in size after the operation, it only took me one day before I was on my bike again as huge amounts of painkillers (Ibuprofen 600, good stuff) were doing excellent work. I continued my training program but after about one week my pulled-out wisdom teeth took revenge and I got sick. It turned out the wounds in my mouth got infected causing me to feel sick, slow and definitely not wanting to train or do anything that takes effort. After recovering from the last attempt of my wisdom teeth to ruin my training schedule, it was time to test my shape for the first time this year during the club race of my local mountain bike club Licht Verzet. The race went fine and it turns out that itís possible to ride fast on a single speed mountain bike during a race with some serious climbing (20km with about 800 meters of positive altitude gain). Also I do like extra free space in brains which, when I was still riding a geared bike, used to be occupied by the shifting decision-making process